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Hotel Sokolská

Budova Hotelu je umístěna v historické části Prahy 2 s výbornou dostupností do centra.

Na obou pozemcích je v současnosti bývalý Hostel, který bude procházet celkovou rekonstrukcí a bude zkolaudovaný jako hotel. Jedná se o zastavěné území v centru města, kde podél ulice Sokolská jsou realizovány činžovní objekty z konce 19. století, které prošly různými přestavbami či nástavbami.
Navržená rekonstrukce Hotelu, přístavba a nástavba koncipována pro hotelový provoz s krátkodobým ubytováním v kombinaci s prodejnou a kavárnou v přízemí objektu.

Detail information


Počet podlaží Číslo zakázky Disposition Area Price
6 N03125 Hotel 1985 m2 195 000 000 CZK
6 N03126 Hotel 1895 m2 700 000 CZK


Dagmar Damková (CZ)

+420 776 366 840

Nicole Binková (EN)

+420 704 969 666

Mortgage from us

Hotel Sokolská

1 let

Price 1 000 000 CZK + 49 000 CZK per month


National museum

The National Museum sits at the top of Václavské Square and is one of the most important buildings in Prague. It was declared a national cultural monument in 1962. The museum underwent major renovations and reopened to visitors in 2018. The interior of the museum is equally as breathtaking as it is outside, and regularly gives tourists and locals alike many reasons to visit, with its new exhibits.

Church of St.Ludmila

A short walk away from the hotel is the Church of St. Ludmila, located the Peace Square. It forms a significant dominant feature of the Vinohrady area. Two towers, 60 meters high, resemble two hands clasped in prayer. St. Ludmila's Church is inspired by the strict style of North German early Gothic brick churches. Throughout the year, many social and cultural events take place inside the church, and next to it on the square.

Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science

The Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague amasses an area of 3.5 hectares. The garden exhibits are divided into a greenhouse and an outdoor area. The greenhouse has a permanent exposure to the tropics and dry subtropics. This is your tropical oasis in the center of the city - a perfect place for a romantic stroll, or simply as a getaway from the busy life.


A residential district of Prague that has everything from elegant architecture, great restaurants and cafes, to cultural stalls and greenery. The decorative Art Nouveau facades and streets lined with mature trees are slightly reminiscent of Paris. It’s just a few minutes walk from the hotel, and is conveniently situated nearby the historical centre, making it a ‘must’ when visiting Prague.