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Augustus Hotel

Zrekonstruovaná budova z 19. století, pouze 3 stanice metra od Václavského náměstí a 5 minut tramvají od Karlova mostu.

Zrekonstruovaná budova z 19. století, pouze 3 stanice metra od Václavského náměstí a 5 minut tramvají od Karlova mostu. Objekt je rozvržen do dvou částí, první část jimž je Hotel Augustus. Druhá část je restaurace ve výměře 223m². Restaurace je rozvržena do dvou podlaží, jednoho nadzemního a jednoho podzemního s celkovou kapacitou míst k sezení 50. Možnost celoroční zahrádky ve vnitrobloku restaurace, kapacita zahrádky je cca 8 míst. Parkovat lze na ulici. Objekt se nachází v žádané lokalitě s výbornou dopravní dostupností do centra města.

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Počet podlaží Číslo zakázky Disposition Area Price
2 N02608 Restaurant 223 m2 Sold
5 N02487 Hotel 1000 m2 Sold


Dagmar Damková (CZ)

+420 776 366 840

Nicole Binková (EN)

+420 704 969 666


Petřínské sady

Petřín hill - a large urban green area and its slopes are an oasis of calm in the center of Prague. The gardens on the Petřín plateau are especially magical. The orchards are a popular place for couples and families. A cable car takes visitors all the way to the peak of the park. The Petřín lookout tower is a fun attraction that will never disappoint. There are activities for people of any age. From playgrounds for children, to running and walking paths for adults.

Smíchovská náplavka

A scenic short walk from the residence will take you to the Smíchov embankment, which is a place to breathe in the gorgeous scenery, take a seat with a friend over good wine. Throughout the year, many social and cultural events take place at the embankment. It is characterized by its unique view of the historical landmark of Vyšehrad and the historic Railway Bridge.

Švanda Theater

Švanda Theater is a modern European cultural center for live arts. Its’ repertoire consists mainly of productions of a permanent drama ensemble. Locals from the area, tourists are drawn to the history of the venue, and being just a short walk away, you’ll never miss the opportunity to culturally immerse yourself. The theater builds on the long tradition of previous live arts venues housed in this building and its neighbourhood.


Vyšehrad is a popular place for walks offering breathtaking views of Prague and many major monuments. The history of Vyšehrad is closely connected with the development of Prague cities and the history of the Czech Republic. Its’ history dates back to the mid 10th century. Since, Vyšehrad has changed its function and appearance several times. It was a royal castle, for a short time it was even the royal residence. Eventually It became a baroque fortress, a status it has retained to this day. Now, it’s an area generally free of tourists, and is the go-to place for people from all over the city to catch the sunset and share a drink with a fantastic view.