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Rezidence u Vinohradu

Sníte o bydlení v centru Prahy, ale také milujete přírodu? Bydlete v bezpečné a perspektivní čtvrti vedle krásného parku Grébovka.

Nově zrekonstruovaný bytový komplex Rezidence U Vinohradu má hned dvě budovy, 6. podlaží a moderní výtah. Celkem nabízíme 36 bytových jednotek o velikosti od 30m² do 101m². Většina apartmánů má sklep, balkon, lodžie a nebo terasu. V blízkosti je veškerá občanská vybavenost - škola, školka, obchody, zdravotnická zařízení a restaurace, ale také snadná dostupnost do centra města. Mimo jiné také nabízíme komerční prostory. Každá budova má dva prostory různých velikostí se snadno viditelným vstupem přímo z ulice.

Detail information

Our top picks


Floor ID Disposition Area Accessories Price
Ground floor A0.2 Retail 83 m2 Sold
Ground floor B0.1 Retail 59 m2 terrace Sold
Ground floor B0.1. Retail 68 m2 terrace / balcony / cellar 12 100 000 CZK
Ground floor P1.1. Restaurant 123 m2 terrace / balcony / cellar Sold
Ground floor P1.1. Retail 123 m2 terrace / balcony / cellar 14 955 600 CZK
1. floor A1.1 2BR 92 m2 Sold
1. floor A1.2 Jr 1BR 38 m2 Sold
1. floor A1.3 2BR 83 m2 Sold
1. floor B1.2 Studio 30 m2 Sold
1. floor B1.3 Jr 1BR 39 m2 Sold
2. floor A2.1 2BR 98 m2 Sold
2. floor A2.2 Jr 1BR 38 m2 Sold
2. floor A2.3 2BR 80 m2 Sold
2. floor B2.1 Jr 1BR 80 m2 Sold
2. floor B2.2 Studio 30 m2 Sold
2. floor B2.3 1BR 58 m2 Sold
2. floor P2.1 2BR 82 m2 terrace Sold
2. floor P2.1 2BR 82 m2 Sold
3. floor A3.2 Jr 1BR 38 m2 Sold
3. floor A3.3 2BR 60 m2 Sold
3. floor B3.2 Studio 30 m2 Sold
3. floor B3.3 1BR 58 m2 Sold
3. floor P3.1 2BR 82 m2 terrace Sold
4. floor A4.1 2BR 79 m2 Sold
4. floor A4.2 Jr 1BR 38 m2 Sold
4. floor A4.3 2BR 60 m2 Sold
4. floor B4.1 2BR 80 m2 Sold
4. floor B4.2 Studio 30 m2 Sold
4. floor B4.3 1BR 58 m2 Sold
4. floor P4.1 2BR 82 m2 terrace Sold
5. floor N03284 2BR 81 m2 terrace / balcony / cellar 13 995 000 CZK
5. floor A5.2 3BR 100 m2 Sold
5. floor B5.1 2BR 80 m2 Sold
5. floor B5.2 Studio 30 m2 Sold
5. floor B5.3 1BR 60 m2 Sold
5. floor P5.1 2BR 81 m2 terrace Sold
6. floor A6.1. 2BR 156 m2 terrace / balcony / cellar 19 999 000 CZK
6. floor B6.1 1BR 60 m2 terrace Sold
6. floor B6.2 Studio 30 m2 Sold
6. floor P6.1 1BR 75 m2 terrace Sold


Dagmar Damková (CZ)

+420 776 366 840

Nicole Binková (EN)

+420 704 969 666

Mortgage from us

Rezidence u Vinohradu

1 let

Price 1 000 000 CZK + 49 000 CZK per month



Vršovice is a laid-back, up-and-coming area, where art nouveau buildings house indie boutiques and offbeat coffee spots. Krymska Street, in particular, is known for innovative eateries, concept stores and dance clubs. Nearby, the peaceful slopes of Havlíček Gardens are lined with vineyards and offer views over the city. Boisterous fans of Bohemians Praha soccer club head to the 1930s Ďolíček Stadium for home games.

Park Havlíčkovy Sady

Just a few steps away from our residency there is a park inspired by the Italian Renaissance, has fountains and water cascades, lakes, pavilions, statues and a charming grotto, as well as a unique view of the city. The spectacular Gazebo surrounded by large vineyards and the Grébovka Pavilion garden café, with its unique replica of the original historic bowling alley from the 1870s, offer pleasant places to sit. During the summer the park hosts a variety of events such as wine tasting, lectures of latina dances, or an excellent spot to watch water rafting. In the winter you can enjoy hot mulled wine or sledding the hills of Grebovka.

Advanced Infrastructure

In walking distance, you may find both elementary and secondary schools. Upper level education provides both a student-city atmosphere and top medical amenities available through a local college. Pharmacies, beauty salons, repair centers, and cleaning services are all at your doorstep. Alternatively you may use a tram / bus stop located within a short walk, to get anywhere in the city, quickly.

Bohemia Stadium & Sports Facilities

Here is a great opportunity to focus on your health, through multiple maintained public & private facilities. Countless running trails mean you’ll never get bored of the same routes. You can also support your new home football team, with over a hundred-year history.