We’re a real estate developer in Prague. Our core focus is to offer our clients exceptional properties. What makes us unique is that we are an all-in-one service. We take care of the entire construction process, advertising, pre and post-sale assistance. Our business operations rely on transparency and best possible service to our prospective, and existing clients. Our team consists of talented multilingual individuals who speak Czech, English, Russian, and other languages.


Boris Iljin

CEO / Founder

Boris graduated from the prestigious University of San Francisco, in the USA, and completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies in just three years (while the average is six years).
He brings the same determination and resilience to every client served. Boris was and remainsan avid athlete. He is a multiple-time national champion in Karate and has recently discovered his interest in endurance sports. He is passionate about every project he undertakes, which can be seen in the level of satisfaction Arezidence clients receive

Lucie Sváková

Office Manager

Lucie is our newest member of the team. She spent the last six years in the United States and earned her degree in Interior design. She is our go-to expert when it comes to real estate management. She manages the buildings, is an office manager, and assists in providing a stellar experience to all of our clients. Lucie has extensive experience in interior design and can aid you in designing your new home.

E-mail: info@arezidence.com
Tel: +420 704 969 666

Dagmar Damková

Real Estate Agent

Dagmar is a seasoned professional in the Czech real estate market. She has over 15 years of experience, providing excellent customer service and knowledge about the intricacies of buying property throughout the country. Dagmar is also a specialist when it comes to property legislation.

E-mail: team@arezidence.com
Tel: +420 776 366 840

Lucie Dvořáková

Raiffeisenbank Stavební Spořitelna – Agency Director

Ms. Dvořáková is in charge of Prague’s branch of Raiffeisen Stavebni Sporitelna. She is a trusted and respected partner of Arezidence. Lucie is a mortgage specialist. Through a partnership with Raiffeisen, Lucie is able to provide Arezidence with mortgage offers that are unavailable to the majority of people seeking a loan. She is known for her effective and efficient work and has received great feedback from her previous clients.

E-mail: ldvorakova@obchod.rsts.cz
Tel: +420 737 012 104

Martina Rydlová


Martina Rydlova owns a law firm in Prague. She is widely respected amongst her colleagues due to her high level of professionalism and wonderful personal characteristics. She was, and remains an active sportswoman. She is particularly a fan of action sports, and is an avid parachuter, with many years of experience. She jumps with a parachute both recreationally and competitively. Her passion for the sport, and unique abilities, allowed her to be ranked amongst top in the world.

E-mail: team@arezidence.com

Sergei Meliktesian

Owner of Ardem Construction

Sergei is the owner of a construction company – Ardem. He is well respected in the Czech community and for almost twenty years, he has been in charge of his own company. He has been involved in many grandiose construction projects across Czech Republic. One of his most recent successful works, has been Rezidence U Vinohradu. In the past, Sergei excelled at water polo and was a part of the Armenian national team. Upon his retirement from competition,
Sergei became the head coach of the same water polo national team.


Assistance getting an affordable mortgage, fast!

We have established a partnership with Raiffeisen stavební spořitelna, to bring you the most affordable mortgage offer you can find. Contact your dedicated financing specialist Lucie Dvorakova from Raiffeisen Stavební Spořitelna – A reliable and respected partner of Rezidence u Vinohradu.

Lucie Dvořáková
+420 737 012 104